Frequently asked questions

Where are you located?

Integer Data Centre is located on the lower levels of the QV1 building.

How do I access the centre?

Access is by an electronic access pass which may be obtained from the Security office located at QV1’s basement level. All visitors are required to sign in at security and provide Australian proof of identity for access and sign out upon leaving. Licensees are required to provide a list of names and contact details of all access approved individuals to Security. Only individuals with prior approval may obtain access

How much space is available?

Integer has two comms rooms with racks available

What is the cost per year?

Integer Data Centre is competitively priced, with a transparent pricing structure where there are no additional costs for power, air conditioning or security. Please contact Darryl Green at 9321 5288 or email to make an enquiry

Are there any other costs?

There are no other charges for power, air conditioning, security or any other item

Are peering services available?

Yes, Internet Association of Australia provides peering services within the Integer Data Centre